All Work and No Food Makes Felix a Dull Boy

All day today, I had nothing to eat. Around 1 PM, Justin takes off to meet the cable modem guy at his new apartment. Ben and I work some more, mention going out for lunch… and the next thing I know, it’s closing in on 4 PM. By this time, I figure shit… it’s just as well that I don’t eat anything, and suffer through till dinner. That way, I’d at least save some money.

In the breakroom, Anthony (another coworker) tells me there’s cake – free for anyone. I get a slice. So at least I’ve got some sugar in my system, if nothing else. When Justin gets back, he finishes up a few loose ends, realizes he’s too tired to keep working, and decides to head back home with me.

As he’s finishing up, I peek out one of the nearby windows and take the following pics:

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