Justin’s new apartment is about the same distance from the Division stop, as it is from the Damen (my) stop. So… he stays on the train and gets off on Damen with me. We chat a bit, and then he asks where we’re heading for drinks.


Right about then, Gretchen calls. We decide to all meet halfway, and wind up at a bar called "The Rainbow." When we arrive, Gretchen is already seated and reading, drink in hand. Justin and I settle down, make our orders and fall to talking. Justin is goofy tired, after having been up until 3 AM last night, cleaning and organizing his apartment. At one point, he’s trying to mimic an "air guitar" move with his leg, and falls off the barstool.

Gretchen and I muffle our laughter, and a woman sitting nearby raises her glass into the air. She looks over at Justin and says "Cheers!"

This. This is a good bar.

As I’m finishing my second beer, I notice Justin and Gretchen talking more and more. After a while, I start to feel like maybe they want to talk alone, so I excuse myself and head out. Now – keep in mind that I’ve had a cup of coffee, two sticks of gum, and a piece of cake so far in the day.

The two beers have gone to my head, and I’m fairly tipsy on my way out the door.

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