Some Days are More Successful Than Others

Point and case, today’s walk to work. Nothing that spectacular, other than me spotting a fork that had somehow fallen and landed in a precarious spot.

I hung out with Justin after work, and we watched a bit of TV. He moved into Rey’s old office temporarily, and there’s a nice monitor up in the corner that gets cable. We surfed around, and caught a few minutes of some random heavy metal act.

Justin was staying late, and convinced me to hang out a bit longer. We cracked open a few beers and drank in the office, chatting about this and that. Ben joined us about an hour into it.

Two beers and almost an hour later, it’s dark by the time I leave. I am taken aback at what the city looks like at night.

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity.

Chicago. A good place to be.

Walking over the bridge, I noticed a boat heading my way. Lucked out on getting this shimmering effect with the lights.

This is where I work, with the lights turned on at night. I had no idea.

Blue Line, waiting for my ride home.

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