Shopping for Stu

Tomorrow is Stu’s birthday, but because of his busy workschedule… the only time he’s free is for breakfast tomorrow AM. So… around 9, we’re all meeting at the Bongo Room. Today, I looked around for something to get him, and got into this sort of "box" mood. I found a nice box, for him, but then thought the idea of giving him an empty box was kinda lame.

After some thinking, I decided that I’d buy him a tarot deck – and I’d place that inside the box, as an added surprise. So, I found an occult bookstore that’s right around the corner from me. Good god! Two years of living here, and I had no idea this place existed! I’m so embarassed.

Took this shot right on the corner of my street. After I did, this guy comes up and asked if I was taking pictures of all the crap in his yard. We started talking (Charlie is his name, I think?) – and he was really nice. We chatted about photography for a while, and he showed me his backyard (which is littered with stone and all sorts of stuff). He was explaining all the things he was going to build, and invited me to come back and shoot anything in his backyard.

I’ll have to take him up on that offer next time I see him.

In the Flatiron Building, there’s a good deal of graffitti. Some done by people who’ve wandered in, some by the artists who work in the studios.

Occult Bookstore. I tried waiting here for almost 45 minutes, but no one showed up. So I left and came back later in the day.

Later in the day. I bought a basic tarot deck, and asked the guy behind the counter for permission to take pictures. He said "Take whatever you want, but you can’t take any of me." As soon as I turned around and started focusing, he took a picture of me, behind me back.


I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean or do.

Entryway on the inside. I particularly like the "Yuggoth Saves" sticker.

The bookstore itself was neat. But this figure on the left sorta spooked me out a bit.

Another animal thing that I just didn’t quite understand.

I’M SORRY THIS IS BLURRY! I took a bunch of shots, and thought I had it… but all of them were fuzzy. Anyhow… you get the idea.

This cracked me up to no end.

Stu’s gift (hopefully, he’s not reading this blog).

I also stopped by my new apartment to pick up my new set of keys. On the way there, I noticed these doors by a now-defunct pizza joint on North Avenue.

New life, here I come.

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