Looking Back

Man, I don’t even remember exactly when this took place. Two weekends ago? September 29 was when I moved, I think. Anymore, time is really hazy to me. At the very least, I thought I’d post a few pics from the move and the subsequent work-week craziness.

Right after the move, we had to migrate about 15 sites over to new servers. We were pulling some late nights, and one all-nighter (which, all things considered, ain’t all that bad).

Living room, somewhat cleared out.

Kitchen, not quite so cleared out.

Alex, Justin and Matt – taking a break from moving my crap.

Matt, guarding my precious 15" monitor and my copy of "Scattegories" from would-be thieves.

New living room!

Justin, Alex and Matt take a break on the new porch. Er, on the slanty new porch, rather.

I met this dog the next day, friendly as ever. In this pic, he’s taking a whiz. I keep wanting to call him Baxter for some reason, and I keep forgetting his name. Something -field. Maxfield? Chesterfield? Each time we meet, I have to recheck his tags to figure out what his name is.

Shot of the Blue Line exit onto Wells.

So begins the all-nighter. Justin, working away.

My desk, circa 2 AM.

Long hours mean lotsa trash. I’m not one for energy drinks, but Q101 has a ton because of promtional stuff. Been drinking AMP like it’s water.

Ben, Justin and I take a break around 6 AM to go see the sunrise. We figure we’re allowed a small break.

We wandered over to "The View from Above the Earth" exibit. Lingered for a while, watching the photographs and the day break.

I feel sorta like how Speccy must feel, when he’s demolishing and devouring cities. :D

Ben and Justin contenplate Chicago architecture.

This is as close as I could get to the orange of the morning sun. Took me a few shots before I got it right.

Justin, studying the world, as always.

Back in the office – Ben, chugging away.

Matt, working the database end.

Almost two days later, I’m back at home. A bit stunned, a bit woozy, and ready for sleep. But not too tired to grab this pic of the sun setting on North Avenue.

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  1. Aw. What a great picture you painted. I love clicking to the old-school entries you so frequently link back to. Additional context for all you guys.But back to the point of the latest entry, yeah, that new Bertrand work is awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

    Allison Reply

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