WH Visit, Part I

Before I knew it, WH folk started showing up at my place. 09/27/2002 I believe. First, Dustin and Sherie show up, followed shortly by Z and jverbal. A few drinks into the evening, Derrickito (of www.derrickito.com fame) passed through the doorway.

I was putting together a table so that everyone could have a place to sit. We threw down some booze, and wandered around Milwaukee Ave.

verbal, stylishly leaning against the wall.

Dustin and Sherie.

The fridge – keep in mind I just moved in, and everyone contributed a little something. There’s a bottle of vodka in the freezer too.

More cameras – verbal and Z.

Derrick shows up and gives the WH salute.

Derrick brings Scotty, who is with us in spirit and B.A.C.

Z shows off his multitasking and his double-mohawk.

Between all of us, I think we documented every other second digitally.

verbal, leaning on the fridge.

The boys toast to how good Z’s cigarette smells.

Dustin, performing the pat-my-head-guzzle-a-beer trick.

Derrick and Sherie.

Verbal and Z, showing us how they throw gang signs out on the East Coast.

Dustin and Jon. It’s a bit weird – I talk to them so often over the computer. And now, they’re finally here in person, right in my apartment..

The bag of Ruffles that seems to be never-ending.

The table begins to show a small degree of damage.

Derrick, giving his WH salute again. Only faster, and drunker.

Shutette and Shuteye make an appearance.

Of course, cameras are compared.

The porch begins to get crowded.

Jon’s camera (how sad is it that I recognize everyone’s fucking cameras?)

Derrick’s camera. Shut up.

At Nick’s Bier Garten. At this point, I remember very little of what transpired.

A nice pic of Sherie smoking.

No idea who this is. Was he hitting on me?

The WH Salute gets louder and louder.

At some point, my camera is used by someone else. Here, I’m apparently pointing at Dustin telling him he’s one hell of a guy. Or accusing him of something. Or telling him to look at someone over there….

Shutette approaches Derrick, who wonders if she knows what time it is.

verbal, taking a picture or motioning to the barkeep for one more beer.

Some stranger asking Derrick what time it is.

Shuteye, Shutette and Derrick.

Shutette, laughing at one of us, undoubtedly.

Derrick, amused. The entire time we were in this bar, it was one constant disco ball of cameras and flashing lights.

Derrick waiting in line at Flash Taco.

verbal, sleepin at the 4 star accomodations at Hostel Felix.

Derrick (striped) and Z (grey).

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