First Class – Rocked

A good mix of students, but many that were fairly new to Flash. We got through the exact amount that I had set aside for our first day. There were some awkward moments, where a few students got hung up and I had to pause the whole class to help them out.

But for the most part, good responses. I was energetic, having foregone dinner and just guzzled coffee instead. I’m always nervous before I teach – always, and can never really eat. I also didn’t want to get full or sleepy, right before my first class. So I just got pepped up on caffeine instead.

Tonight, we went through some basic stuff – and after we got to creating a basic animation (motion tween), a few students gasped in delight as they saw images move on their computer screen. Shit – I’m getting shivers just thinking about it again.

To me, those moments are all what make teaching worthwhile – fuck the money, fuck everything else… it’s seeing that spark of recognition or understanding in a student’s eyes. Seeing them grasp a concept, and then begin to think about ways to make it their own – damn… it’s a great feeling.

After class, Sandy took me to a small Italian joint, where I got some chicken and pasta. We had a beer and chatted a bit, while the food was being prepared. I brought up the desire for some more beers, and we stopped at a convenience store – Red Stripe, $2.99 per bottle. Ouch!

But – I wanted more booze, and paid up.

And here we are, almost done with my third beer, a bit of past in my gullet, and sleep tapping me on the shoulder and whispering in my ear.

Have a good night all. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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