Images From the Campus

Whew! What a day. Here are some shots and quick commentary. It’s late, and I need some sleep!

Here’s Sandy’s old office – where I work most of the day.

Interior shot – my workstation.

Blurry shot of Sandy’s bookshelves. Throughout the day, I had this urge to camp out here and read every book. The idea made me wistful.

Morgan Hall. Where I teach, and where my office is for this week.

A random engineering student. He and his classmate were trying to determine the height of a nearby water tower. They were taking measurements from a few select locations, trying to pinpoint the actual water tower height through some… mathematical formula. Note the fact that this guy has on a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt.

Not sure what they do in there, but the Engineering Building was interesting to look at from teh outside.

Apparently, the Fire Ants are not to be fucked with on campus.

Walked inside the main library, just to feel what it was like to be inside a university library again. It smells the same as the other university libraries I’ve been in, and it was a comforting smell. To my left, when I turned, I saw a copy of Stuart O’Nan’s "The Speed Queen," a novel that Juliet turned me on to years back. Thought of her while I was in here.

The Little White House

Courtyard, near the Student Union

This rocked, in both senses of the word. There were rows of rocking chairs outside the Union. There for the relaxing, I guess.

Small walkway outside of the Union.

Open walkway, outside of the Union.

Art Building. Not sure of the name – Wood? Woods?

Cool stairwell shot, art building.

Sculpture table, outside of the art building.

Clay something or other, presumably for baking.


Saw this guy feeing Chik-Fil-Et nuggest to some random cats. At first, I thought they were large, mutant squirrels. As it turns out, a lot of cats get left on campus during the breaks – and these two were living in the basement of the nearby building.

The guy feeding them was quite and soft-spoken, and said that he really enjoyed hanging out with them. When I told him I was using these images for an online journal, he asked for the address. I felt very peaceful and happy, watching him feed these two wary, stray, scared cats.

Gorgas House.

Built in 1829 as the University Dining Hall. Remodeled as a residence in 1840. Occupied by the Gorgas family from 1879 – 1953.

Sandy’s other car – a hybrid! She gets around 50+ miles per gallon.

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