The Campus Paper

Is called "The Crimson White."

Homecoming was the day before I got here. I kept hearing about how crazy it was, from both Sandy and Tim.

I open the paper and in the middle of a series of images, I see students with their hands in the air by a bonfire and stage. This caption was beneath it:

"Fans attending Friday night’s Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on the Quad erupt into a frenzy as the band begins to play Sweet Home Alabama."

From an outsider’s perspective, this is hysterical.

But, having gone to Indiana University – where people are fanatical about basketball, I can understand the rush of local/school pride. I felt it a few times, despite the fact that I didn’t really care about sports. If I was susceptible to those moments of school pride and enthusiasm – I can only begin to imagine what it must be like to celebrate a big game victory, much like what everyone experienced here on Homecoming.

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