Boo… Boo…

Ben and I went out to lunch, which was cool. We got to talk a bit more, and it’s nice hanging out with him. We walked to Panda Express, and took our time meandering through a bit of downtown to get to the restaurant. The entire time we were out, we saw two little kids dressed up. That’s it. And at the restaurant, we saw one guy trying on a wig and put on a fake moustache!

What the hell?!?! I was seriously depressed at the lack of costumes I saw. Even at the Merchandise Mart – I almost made it all the way to work without seeing a costume… until this guy in scrubs walks by me. We both nod, and I tell him he’s the first person I’ve seen in costume. He hands me a lollipop and tells me his name is Dr. Feelgood. That helped cheer me up. :)

But for the most part – I saw maybe 5 costumes. Tops. What a boring fucking day – how horribly adult. Terrible, terrible.

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