For Fuck’s Sake

I work with computers. So you’d think, you’d think I’m a smart guy. After being up all night last night, you’d think I’d just turn off the damn monitor and head to sleep. But what happens?

I notice that the "February" button isn’t working on the nav. I open up Flash, I dig around a bit. I marvel at how inefficiently I’ve set things up. I curse myself yet again for not commenting things and, once more, don’t take the time to add comments. I fix the February thing, which should solve the month-based navigation part.

I noticed my little nav has decided this February is leap year, even though it’s 2003. I’ve got a calculateLeap function, but since it’s getting later and later… I’d best leave that alone for now.

So, here’s me heading off to sleep, wishing you a happy leap year!

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