Well, for those of you who know me more from an Internet/tech background, I used to play violin. I mean, a lot. I started when I was in third grade, kept on playing through high school. The show that Paul’s referring to, I believe, was at the Civic Theater, where it was a small production of "Grease." I played in the pit orchestra with a handful of other people, and I ended up switching between violin, electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

Mainly, my focus was violin. I was never truly passionate about it… I just happened to start playing before most, and was good at it because of that. There were others I played with who were, very very passionate about it… praticing hours and hours daily passionate about it.

Ah me. The violin stuff is a really long, more involved story. It’s late, and I guess you’re only getting the teaser.

(I played in Carnegie Hall once, with my high school orchestra).

I still break the thing out once in a blue moon. I really should pratice more. I think with a solid two months of straight practicing, I might be able to get back to where I used to be.

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