What a great birthday evening! I got to see Alex, Justin, Emma, Dave, Kent and Ben. On top of that, Liz and Steph came out and I hung out with them until about 1 AM, drinking. I had some fan-TASTIC pizza, got some killer gifts, and slugged down booze with people I respect and admire to no end.

Holy crap. After dinner, at the Artful Dodger, the bartender gave us all a round of Rum, on the house. And later in the night, when I tried to buy a Harp’s from him… he told me "Happy Birthday, and waved my money away." That place rawks. Talk about winning customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business. That act of kindness has made me a customer for life.

I got so much cool shit. I got a handmade bowl from Christine; I got an awesome, framed photograph from Kent. Emma gave me two CD’s: one which is a Bjork "Best of" album, and the other is David Bowie. Justin got me a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Outcast II for the GameCube. Ben got me two kick-ass pieces of art, and a half gallon of Jim Beam to boot.

While we were at Piece, eating pizza, Stu called – which was awesome. He’s out of town, working away, in Milwaukee. But he took time out to call and wish me a happy birthday. The phone cut out a few minutes after I talked with him, but the fact that he called made my evening.

I’m totally glad I got to see Liz and Steph too. We chatted about Steph’s new play, horror movies, and generally got caught up on things. The two of them are fantastic, and I can’t believe I allowed so much time to pass between hanging out with them. We made plans to watch The Ring next weekend. Liza and Steph have already seen it, but theykeep telling everyone how scary it is. I guess we’ll see, in about a week!


I guess it’s time to call it a night.


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