Gumby Suit

Mr. Grumpy: that’s awesome, i had a job sort of like that for 5 years at this 76 station…..all we did was invent stupid games and ways to pass the time
Mr. Grumpy: lit stuff on fire
Mr. Grumpy: one day….this was pretty funny…..
TS7: hahaha
Mr. Grumpy: there was this guy who worked on the corner, doing that sign twirling thing
Mr. Grumpy: he was like 30, but sort of half-retarded…..nice as hell, but not all there
Mr. Grumpy: and some kids from the local high school drove by and water ballooned his ass hard
Mr. Grumpy: made him drop his sign, got him good…..some good samaritan at the station…this was on a corner of an intersection, jumped in his car and ran them down, caught them
Mr. Grumpy: so they had to go to a judge, who sentenced the main kid to wearing the guy’s suit and doing the sign for a day
Mr. Grumpy: I forgot to mention, he wore this huge Gumby suit
TS7: hahahahah!!
Mr. Grumpy: so the saturday the kid was there, a camera crew from the news was there to film the story since it was an odd sentencing
Mr. Grumpy: and we got a few buckets of water balloons ready
TS7: hahahahahh
Mr. Grumpy: waited til they started filming, interviewing the kid
Mr. Grumpy: and fucking nailed his ass, lololol…..was on the news, him running down the street in a Gumby costume, dropping his sign….
Mr. Grumpy: us chasing him, throwing water balloons

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