Interview with a3dmofo

Mr. Grumpy: Where’d the name a3dmofo come from?
a3dmofo: I’ve been asked this before and it seems everyone is always disappointed by the answer.
a3dmofo: Basically it’s just something that stuck around based off a joke. Several years ago, my friend Joe and I were joking about a3dmofo as a name for me, based off my initials, DDD. A few weeks after this, I got my first ever email address and I chose a3dmofo. I kept using it after that.
a3dmofo: Most people assume it has some clever name to do with me using 3D programs or a metaphor of some sort, alas the story is just as boring as anyone else’s screen name story.
a3dmofo: I think I need to make up a better story.
Mr. Grumpy: You recently sent out one of the coolest resumes/portfolios in history, complete with included robot. Can you link the audience to some photos of that brilliant display of ingenuity?
a3dmofo: Well that’s very flattering, thank you: portfolio_pack
Mr. Grumpy: It was whispered that you and Big Daddy Mike didn’t get along during the infamous Battle for Supremacy. What were the reasons behind those rumors? Drug problems? Too many loose women?
a3dmofo: Oh where to even start. So many things to say, so many things that have been kept in the closet, besides BDM.
a3dmofo: I think the intense pressure of battling for the wankey really got to BDM and that unleashed cracks in his character. I tried to keep him together, I really did and it eventually turned into me carrying him, which then lead to the downfall.
a3dmofo: Early on in the battle, BDM started becoming very difficult and concentrated only on strange drunk women who stripped in his window. Worse then that, he tried to drag me into it. While I initially appreciated the rock star life we were leading, I knew it was more important to win the Battle for Supremacy and this life had to stop. BDM disagreed.
a3dmofo: It was a few weeks later, on a cold damp night, that BDM would get his final warning. With the pressure of the battle heading into overtime, BDM began partying, a party that would end in tragedy.
a3dmofo: On September 14, 2002 at 4:56 A.M. BDM rolled his Ferrari 550 MARANELLO off a Colorado mountain.
a3dmofo: The secret of this accident was painstakingly covered, to ensure the continuation of the the Battle for Supremacy.
a3dmofo: Meanwhile however, TS7 and Mr. Grumpy, fearing certain defeat and loss of the Wankey, unleashed a vicious sabotage attack on the WH server, crippling it and stopping the infamous battle.
a3dmofo: The battle was never finished. BDM currently lives at home with his mother Sandy and has 4 chickens. a3dmofo currently lives a life of secrecy greater than that of Mr. Grumpy, on the moon.
Mr. Grumpy: It’s also been rumored that you drink cheap beer. Care to comment?
a3dmofo: I do what’s necassary to do my duty. I have a lot of duty and duty can get expensive, so sometimes you have to make cutbacks. I learned this lesson a long time ago and it’s carried me through to today. Sometimes I roll back the sleeves for a tough night and I have to make cutbacks. Sometimes I let down the collar a bit and I go a bit higher end.
a3dmofo: Oh and what is my duty you ask? Well, it’s supporting Americans, buy keeping those hard working folks at the breweries, employed. I don’t do it for me, I do it for them. And the kids. Always for the kids.
Mr. Grumpy: Finally, who should we call next time we get drunk and decide to bother someone from WH?
a3dmofo: We still owe Mrs. Dean another call, the last one kind of…..failed, we’ll say. Rypunked is waiting for a call. I still nominate Jverbal. TS7’s answering machine. We could bother Wyndom some night. Or if all else fails, we can call Felix some more, but that’s a last resort.

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