Interview with Mrs. Dean

Mr. Grumpy: well, let’s get started….are you comfortable?
Mrs. Dean: yeah let me grab my lunch real quick… 1 minute
Mr. Grumpy: np, take your time….let’s take a break here for a word from our sponsor
Mr. Grumpy: ok, we’re back here with Mrs. Dean of….that’s an interesting name, who came up with that?
Mrs. Dean: I’m not quite sure.. both jesse and i were doing research looking for names and word combinations which fit us best. I want to say I came up with it, but i would probably get yelled at for claiming it :D
Mr. Grumpy: how is working with your husband? do you find it difficult or supportive, to have your partner in marriage also your partner in business?
Mrs. Dean: in general, its really good. It’s nice to have someone who can empathize with how your "day" was since we went through it together.
It’s also great because we get to spend so much more time together & which can also be a downfall on some days. :)
Mr. Grumpy: and what sort of pajamas are you wearing today?
Mrs. Dean: hahah sweet dreams lounge pants and a tee shirt
Mr. Grumpy: and your playlist?
Mrs. Dean: today i’ve got the "mellow" list on..
featuring Air, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Morcheeba, Arling & Cameron, Telepopmusik, and even some Bjork and Stan Getz
Mr. Grumpy: that’s impressive….what are you using, macAmp? what do mac ppl use for music, and which sort of mac are you on, anyway?
Mrs. Dean: i’m using iTunes :)

on my G4 Quicksilver..
(dual 800)
Mr. Grumpy: booyeah! you mentioned before that you’re a block away or so from Starbucks….what drink does the suave and svelte Mrs. Dean order when she stops in for a caffeination fix?
Mrs. Dean: well up until recently, i’d been getting a Venti Vanilla Latte…
but lately my treat is the White Chocolate Mocha
Mr. Grumpy: thank you for your time dean, we’ll let you get back to work now….would you care to leave us with any quick predictions on our upcoming battle?
Mrs. Dean: here today, gone tomorrow?
Mr. Grumpy: wtf does that mean
Mrs. Dean: hahah i don’t know :D
Mrs. Dean: i dont do well under pressure
Mr. Grumpy: lol, ok well thanks again for your time….Mrs. Dean, from Long Beach, California everyone!
Mr. Grumpy: give it up for the west coast
Mrs. Dean: w00t w00t

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