Interview with TS7

Rob: TS7, it’s good to talk to you.
TS7: thanks dukey dukes! it’s a pleasure to finally get a chance to talk to you as well!
Rob: Well, let’s talk about someone who’s on all of our minds. Portnoy.
TS7: Ah yes, the sanguine Portnoy, truly a face that captures the spirit of somnabulism, and the heart of an indomitable cheese pizza.
Rob: TS, I thought we agreed to never again use
TS7: Ah, too true, old friend, dear sport, friendly chap, sneering foil, haunted voice…
Rob: So, back to Portnoy…
TS7: Ah yes, I remember meeting him, for the first time. It was a day, not like this day at all. In fact, it was several hundred days in the past. I saved that conversation, and all since. He said "hey, I’m Portnoy."
Rob: indeed
TS7: yes, I just said so.
Rob: /nods
TS7: /shakes head
Rob: /offers hand for high five
TS7: /walks away

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