Pong Fu

TS7: I’m laughing out loud…thinking of stuff from my last job:
we wanted to shoot a Pong-Fu Movie about "The Kid", who rises to glory against all odds. we had great special effects shots in mind: the ball exploding through a paddle, the ball being hit with so much spin that a shot that looks way out actually goes around the back of the opponent and comes back to hit the table
TS7: the bad guy purposefully hitting the ball into the throat of his opponent, and of course in the climax smashing through poorly placed glass in slow motion, defeated at last
Mr. Grumpy:
TS7: hitting a ping pong ball through a paddle…and of course you kind of hold the paddle’s upside down in "pro" ping pong, so the guy was gonna slowly remove the paddle…and there would be a hole in his hand
Mr. Grumpy: you have to have him looking through the hole too, so you just see his eye
TS7: hahahah! yes! and hitting the ball into the adams apple…losing a point, but killing your opponent, heheheh
TS7: the guy that was to play "The Enemy of The Kid" was fired from my company 5 minutes after I beat him in Ping-Pong, insuring he never could have revenge. Haha, he came to work in a complete tennis outfit, headband, shoes, high white socks, and a little cover bag for his paddle…
Mr. Grumpy: lololol
TS7: I had just hit the winning shot. 21-19, TS7 victory! so the game is over, we’re about to serve it up for the revenge game, and the boss walks in and looks at him. "in my office, NOW!" 5 minutes later he is cleaning out his desk, solemnly putting his paddle back into its case, slowly removing his headband.
TS7: he was fired because he wore that outfit on the day some newspaper reporter was doing a story on us, (internet startups), and the boss thought he gave us a bad image. in two weeks, the story comes out, FRONT AND CENTER, him in his ping-pong get up. "Care-Free Attitude Powers Young Business to Early Success"
TS7: ahhhhhhhh, man, I’m fricking laughing my ass off over here, this one time a big guy went for a backhand and ran through the freaking wall….ahahahahaa I mean, a 10 foot by 8 foot hole, dust everywhere, nearly destroyed the upper level of the business
Mr. Grumpy: lol
TS7: right before I left we invented this game called "volley pong". we pushed two tables together, two on two, you could lob once to your teammate for spikes
TS7: ahhhhhhhh, we got screamed at for that…all these great memories from half a year at a job, and I can’t remember a damn thing about what I actually did there.

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