Holy Visitors!

I glanced at my site traffic yesterday (and it’s not like I’m getting TONS of hits here), but holy crapola! I got more hits on April Fool’s Day, on that one day than I got in all of last month. Ooh, wait. I guess in terms of a daily average, that’s true. As of March 2003, I was getting roughly 100 pages viewed a day. So far in April, that daily number of pages viewed has jumped up to 192. The numbers after that, on the 2nd, look like they’re back down to normal.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a lot, a little or what. But I’ll say this – I’m happy to see that there seems to be a slow growth in the number of visitors, since I started this little blog last July. Hopefully, a few of the folks who stumbled across this thing on the 1st will stick around. :)

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