Best Laid Plans

I got up this morning at around 7:30 AM. I had in mind a list of errands to run, stores to visit… I was going to get a wedding gift for Phil and Charity, and made it a point to check their registered gifts online.

I show up at Target sometime after 8 AM, and proceed to go through all my errands. I get home, some four stores later… to discover that it’s 11:30 AM. FUCK! The reception starts at 12, and I have a pretty fast shower (combined with a haphazard gift-wrapping experience) and make my way over to Caesar’s by quarter to one.

The place is packed, and the margaritas are pretty damn incredible. I had about one and a quarter before it started to kick my ass (no breakfast today). I came home, fell down on the couch, and napped the rest of the afternoon.

I got this pretty cool turtle at the party, but I’ll take a photo of it later and post it. Coolest_thing_ever!

Tonight, I hung out with Liz, Steph, and Chelsea. We went to Estelle’s, which was remarkably cool even on a Saturday night. Even though it was the weekend, it wasn’t crowded in the slightest, and just a generally good place to hang out.

I met a friend of Chelsea’s (Allan), and we talked about racing cars for a good while. Not sure if they’re seeing each other or just friends or what, but he’s a good guy and it’s sorta immaterial. There were some pangs of jealousy, but all in all… he was just someone else who was hanging out with us.

In an odd way, I felt the same tonight as I did when hanging out with another ex. When things ended with me and Melinda (who I was with for about 3 years, back in Columbus)… it took a while before I was comfortable being around her and other guys. And though it took a while, I was always happy to hang out with her… and the guys she was around were, I can say it, genuinely good, nice guys. And deserving of her company.

I guess I felt something close to that tonight. A good sign, in my book. It means I’m not as hung up on things, and feels to me like I’m making positive steps towards learning how to become friends again, after things have ended.

I had some great talks with Liz and Steph, and they are just too cool. We gabbed about giant squids, anime, and a ton of other fascinating, geeky, cool shit. Every time I hang out with them, I wonder why I don’t call them up to hang out more.

A fun night. Despite the fact that I called it quits early and I’m back home before midnight.

Ahhh… time to crawl under a blanket, turn on the TV and bond with my cat. :)

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