I’m Seeing Double Here! Four Espressos!

Actually, each cup is a quadruple espresso. Where we work, Ben, Justin and I found an alternative to Starbucks at The Artisan Gallery (the link is a cached version of an old page at Google). They serve Illy coffee there, and it’s super cheap: a dollar for a double shot of espresso! They’re raising the price to a buck fifty but still – can’t beat that price. They’ve got great cheeses and wines there, high end fancy stuff and, surprisingly, a lot of good, affordable wines for the layman.

We’ve gotten into this nice ritual of going there for our early morning coffee run. Today, after a nice lunch of Indian food w/ Ben, the two of us stopped in for some afternoon caffeine. When he made our cups of double espresso, Greg thought it "came out too fast." I think he said something about the optimal time it takes for a shot is somewhere around 20 seconds. If it’s longer, that’s not too bad. But our shots came out in about 15 seconds. Too fast, according to him.

Greg said: "I’m making them over again. You want me to just pile them on?"

So he made our double espressos again, because he rocks like that. What a fun, peppy afternoon today was. WHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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