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Portnoy: Still not convinced that dogisland deal is real…
Mr. Grumpy: lol
Mr. Grumpy: hmmm yeah, i wonder….
Mr. Grumpy: the last photo in the Photos section cracks me up
Portnoy: looking
Portnoy: ROFL
Mr. Grumpy: hahahaha
Portnoy: :cues violin music:
Portnoy: :motions for music to swell:
Portnoy: aaaaand…. starwipe… fadeout….
Mr. Grumpy: lol
Mr. Grumpy: the 3-times a year visiting cracks me up too
Mr. Grumpy: dude, you know if that was real the dogs would attack everyone off the boat and eat them
Mr. Grumpy: ahhhh man this site was killing us at work today
Mr. Grumpy: “Dogologists”…..lol
Portnoy: It seems to me a cool idea. I can see some people being crazy enough / loving dogs enough / generous enough / idealistic enough to ACTUALLY try to make something like this work.
Portnoy: But yes, I agree.
Portnoy: Sounds like the beginning of a bad horror movie.
Mr. Grumpy: would be Lord of the Flies, with dogs
Portnoy: and 100x more asslicking
Mr. Grumpy: rofl