The Young Ones

I didn’t bike into work today. Still getting my bike legs, I guess. Not feeling so strong on that thing just yet.

I did, however, ride on over to Justin’s this evening. This has to be the first time in years (decades?) that I’ve been on a bicycle in the dark. That’s sort of a depressing thought. But I put on that goofy ass helmet, and pedaled my way over to Justin’s to meet up with Emma for dinner.

He picked up some burritos from (hold on, I specifically wrote it down in my notebook so I wouldn’t forget)… where the hell di HERE it is: Irazu! I got a half plantain, half mushroom burrito. Holy mother of god, this thing was fantastic. I was stuffed after eating the plantain side, but I didn’t want to quit eating. And on top of that, I got (per Justin’s recommendation) an oatmeal shake. It’s one of Dave’s favorites, I found out.

Argh! Soooo good. I want another one. Now.

Can’t believe I haven’t come across that place before. I’m going to have to make this a regular place. MMMMMMmmmmmm.

After food, we settled into the couch and watched a few episodes of The Young Ones. I have fond memories of this show from when I was a kid, sneaking television late at night before my parents got back home from work. It was on MTV if I recall correctly, back in the day. I remember not understanding lots when I was a kid and, tonight, watching it again, there were still plenty of things I didn’t quite get. But for some reason, I was smiling the whole time.

Fun fun stuff. Not sure why I love this show, but I do.

Yeah that’s right. I take pictures of the tv. ‘Cause I’m just a crazy guy like that. :|

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