I rented The Cider House Rules, and watched half of it this evening. I’ve seen it before, and felt in the mood to watch it again. I’m a big fan of John Irving, ever since I read The World According to Garp in high school. I vividly remember reading the paperback while lying on my bed… and literally falling asleep, then waking up, then starting to read some more because I didn’t want to stop… and then falling asleep again. The book was so good, I simply did not want to stop reading it! :)

During the summer of my Senior year, I spent a lot of time with Nik and Ben, two guys who really liked their pot. The three of us hung out at Waffle House a lot, got to know the servers on a first-name basis, and just drank gallons of the shitty coffee there. The two of them got high with the cook a few times, and I got into this routine with the owner (an older black woman in her 40’s)… I’d walk in and I’d say "Hi, mom" to her, and she’d wave to me and say "Hi, son." I have a ton of fond memories of that place, which I need to get into at a later time. Needless to say, I practically lived at this place.

During that summer, I worked for my parents at their restaurant. I didn’t have to show up until the afternoon, and helped set things up for dinner. I seated folks, served a few tables, took carry out orders… a lot of the public stuff. After the restaurant closed down (around 10:30 PM), I made my way to the Waffle House and met up with Nik and Ben. We shot the shit a while, and usually hung out until around 1:00 AM or so. By that point, I was wired to the gills on coffee and jittery as shit.

After we parted, I made my way back home and basically locked myself in my room. Because I was so wired, I ended up doing a ton of situps and pushups, until I couldn’t do anymore. I did this mainly to try to physically exhaust myself. After I was done, I ended up cracking open a book and reading until I fell asleep. I was up pretty late those nights, but it didn’t matter since I didn’t have to show up for work until the aftrenoon.

That summer, I plowed through almost all of Irving’s novels. The Cider House Rules ranked high up there on my favorite list (and even on my all-time list), slighty shy of Garp and Owen Meany. Watching the movie again tonight evoked a slight sense of nostalgia for that time period, inbetween high school and college, being on the cusp of change. The story itself is… I don’t know how to describe it. Sad is too strong a word. The whole movie feels like a perpetual state of Autumn. Not depression sad, but filled with brown leaves and a slight chill.

Ah me. It’s late and I need to work tomorrow.

Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England. :)

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