So It Begins

Earlier tonight, arigato, audrey and mr. audrey arrived in Chicago. We all went out to Irazu for a bite to eat (got the oatmeal shake again) and walked around a bit. We ventured into the Flatiron building, tried to find the occult bookstore (closed) and ari got grease on his hand in the elevator.

Ari and I went to myopic books, and I got a copy of one of Elizabeth McCracken’s books. We stopped off at Holiday, got a few beers, and hung out with one of the waitresses there, Michelle. She was rather spicy, gave me a lot of shit for wanting to stop early because of work tomorrow. Her exact words, if I recall correctly were: Oh, I see. Does your pussy hurt?

For five beers, she only charged us $10. So of course we left her a healthy, healthy tip (when ari and I compared notes, we felt that our bill should have been $30).

Back home now, posting to twelvestone a bit. We’re doing the geek talk thing, eye-ing the Atari and going over some poetry.

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