TwelveStone Chicago Boozification, Part 1

The evening begins – derrick, Dana (mrs. StinkFist), Tim and Scotty (StinkFist)

Someone offers derrick money to eat a tampon. The tone for the rest of the weekend is set.

The birthday girl herself: Melissa (MoonDragon) arrives!

Ian (arigato) had this with him, and I recognized the smell immediately. Another story for another time.

What you’ve all been waiting for – me in a robot costume. Start of the evening, we get things going at the Artful Dodger.

I compel you with my robotic, yet strangely erotic, dancing.

Jeff (Flamingo Jeff) oversees all. The night before, he and Scotty did some serious damage to a bottle of bourbon, I believe. Livers of steel! Michele (Ms. Flamingo) wasn’t feeling well, and opted for a night of rest.

Tim, Melissa and Sherie. + robot.

Frah GEE Lay! It must be Italian!

Derrick is technically the robot’s mommy.

Scotty and Dana. The StinkFists. :)

Woah. Waitaminute. I think we’ve walked a bit, and are now at Club Foot. Amye (shutette) and Mitch (shuteye). You can’t see Mitch just yet, as his friend Rob is sorta blocking him. Notice the signed Devo shirt on the wall.

Melissa, on like drink #7.

Not sure what’s happening here. I vaguely recall ari balancing on this thing.

The robot just CAN NOT take a bad picture!

Shuteye, pretending to beat up ari. The rest of us just stand and gawk. Except Scotty… he’s pointing out the action.

That’s right. He travelled 12 hours by bus, and another six by car to get to Chicago. For this. :)

Ah… there we go. Finally we get to see Mitch (shuteye). On the right is Matt (Tha.Riddla), who is also from Chicago. Mel (Ms. Tha.Riddla) also came out with us, which was very cool.

Good to finally meet him, as I enjoyed and respected many of his comments. Ooh… and he updated his portfolio site I see.

Dana, trying hard not to laugh at us all.

Our gang. Looking to steal juice money from kids. And maybe hassle a few shopkeeps.

At Goldstar. Man, that robot loves to drink!

I don’t know why, but the robot freaks me out in this picture.

A bit crowded, but lively. Oddly, despite the fact that we brought a robot in with us, everyone else seemed non-plussed.

Ian and Scotty. Not really moderating at all here.

Uh… I forget, exactly, how this started. But Scotty and Rob got into a spanking contest. A sort of "Who Can Spank The Other Harder" contest. I mean, these guys were beating the CRAP out of each other. I’m talking take a few steps back, full armswing spanking here.

Aaaaaaand right about here is where I’d say the line has been crossed. The whole spanking thing lasted I’d say five minutes beyond "joke" and entered the realm of fetish.


I just realized that I’ve now crossed some sort of dirty moral boundary line. I have now officially taken photographs of two grown men spanking each other, and posted them on the Internet.

Remember what sort of deal you’re getting here, with this blog! Anywhere else, you’d be paying for this sort of smut!

Ian, contemplating banning his beer. Just because he can.

Beer, interrupted.

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