TwelveStone | Chicago Boozification, Part 2

Good morning Starshine! Tim, derrick (curled into a ball), Sherie and Dustin (a3dmofo) on the bed.

Amazingly, everyone was up and about at around 9:00 AM. I still don’t understand that.

And for the record, Melissa defiled my bathroom. Again. :D

A few stayed in to sleep, but most of us went to Hollywood Grill for some grub. This is Ian trying on a shirt he found on the sidewalk… but I grabbed this shot because of the short old lady convention that spontaneously happened behind him.

Art museum day! We all trekked down and met up with the Flamingos (Michele and Jeff) and the StinkFists (Scotty and Dana). Our plans were to meet on the steps at 1:00 PM. Derrick, Tim, Scotty and Dana ran inside Bennigans to throw down a shot of Jaeger beforehand. A few of us (being the responsible drinkers that we are) met on the steps, arranged a 3:00 PM meeting time, and THEN went into the Bennigans across the street. For the next two hours, Jeff, Michele, Amye, Mitch, Jeremy (wyndom.earle / jeremy), Dustin, Sherie, Scotty, Dana and I all had a liquid lunch.

Nothing says art like a big glass of whiskey.

By the time we got out of here, I was pretty lit.

I came across the Life of Pi Interactive Promo a long while back, and I found it fascinating. Unfortunately, it’s down but seriously – e-mail them and try to get a password to see the thing. Very cool stuff.

I dug the promo, and really liked the excerpts I heard. I had forgotten all about the book, and it’s now on my to-read list.

I went to go get some money at an ATM. I saw this and thought it was neat.


Fast-forward a bit. Our groups split up – some stayed at the art museum, others went exploring. We made plans to meet up for dinner at 7. In the meanwhile, we went back to my apartment and stopped in for falafel sandwiches at Sultan’s Market. Good stuff.

Michelle (chelle2008) arrives!

Mitch and I battle each other at Kaboom! He’s really quite good, and I feel like we’re evenly matched. I could have taken him! I needed to warm up first, dammit!

He won, though, fair and square. :)

And how cool is this – we discovered that BOTH of us tried to remake Kaboom using Flash.


This picture is filled with geeky goodness.

The trakball is opened and about to be plugged in.

Dustin breaks it in with a nice game of Missile Command.

Fast-forward to Cafe Iberico, where we spent a good long while waiting for a table that can fit about 18 of us. I start to lose it around this point… we’re just slugging Sangria for a solid hour plus.

Going through my pics, I forgot why I took a photo of money. Then, on Sunday, Melissa reminds me that she bet me $2 I couldn’t eat one of the carnations at the table.

I am $2 richer.



Aaaand another fast forward. We stopped off first at the Hideout, but decided to leave soonafter. I think I passed out while sitting down somewhere in there. Uh… and when I use the phrase "pass out" I mean that in a charming-comments-witty-anecdotes sort of way.

Here we are on the street, waiting for folks to get money from an ATM. We’re hanging out by a BP station, and it’s so much like high school it’s scary.

Dana is a one-woman mosh pit.

Welcome to Exit.

Scotty works the pole like the secret go-go dancer that he is.


Upstairs is another great area, markedly different from the downstairs (think more fencing and more dancing). I met Kelly and found her tattoos just fucking awesome. I promised to send her a pic and got her permission to post a photo.


She then asked for us to take one together. I’m the asian guy. :|

I don’t have any, but I know there are some other pics floating around there. Several of me, passed out on a motorcycle, leaning on chelle.

I don’t remember what all we talked about, but I remember laughing my ASS off, back at the apartment. This evening pretty much summed up the weekend, and I loved the fact that everyone just sat down on the kitchen floor. I had several full, gut-busting laughs while we were all talking, and just remember not being able to stop smiling the whole time.

Great fucking evening.

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