I Think It’s… Well, Maybe… It Might Be…

Earlier this morning, Justin and I both pulled into the parking lot at roughly the same time. We walked to the Mart together, and he was telling me a few of the ideas/projects he’s been kicking around lately. We passed by a few thrown-together objects that caught my eye, and I did a slight double-take, but didn’t stop to investigate.

On our way out this evening, Justin, Emma and I walked to our cars together. We passed the same area, and Justin mentioned all the "stuff" that seemed thrown together. He recognized that I had seen it as well, and we all made a point to go investigate.

Looking at them, it really seemed like someone had intentionally placed these random objects together. Some hand had spent time and considered the placement of each object. Justin ended up finding a large, rusted bolt and added it to one of the "groupings" as his contribution.

Take a look, and tell me what you think. Art? Bored homeless guy? A subtle invitation from an anonymous artist to collaborate on a public work? It was the cane (with the folded Chinese take-out box) that first caught my eye, and made me think someone had intentionally left it in that particular position. I hadn’t even noticed the second one until Emma pointed it out, and that one was definitely made with intent.

Best quotation from Justin (about the first one): That’s got acid freak-out written all over it.

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