I met up with Dipti at the Marriott downtown. Her family was also in town, so I grabbed a beer at the hotel bar and hung out a bit. Before they left, I got to see her family again (haven’t seen them in ages too), which was nice. I guess I should add here that Dipti and I have technically known each other since… well, middle school. But it wasn’t until college that we really got to talking and becoming good friends.

When we talked, she seemed a bit frazzled by the schedule. She’s got a lot to do each day, and hadn’t eaten anything by the time I arrived (closing on 9 PM). We went up to her hotel room and looked over the shots she got the past two days. She ended up ordering some room service, and we flipped through pictures the whole time.

Overall, the evening wasn’t all that eventful. We were both a bit laid back, tired. She was running on willpower and adrenaline I think. We walked a good ways around downtown, but just didn’t really find good lighting or good activity. After a lot of walking, we ended up jumping a cab and wandering around Ukranian Village. We chanced on this one small bar where these two girls were lined up to DJ. They were out in the street dancing, trying to get folks to go inside. We hung out here a good while, and Dipti talked to them and got their info/permission.

I would have taken some shots (and yeah, I probably really should have)… but it felt weird. Part of me felt like I was intruding on Dipti’s territory, and… it just didn’t feel right. No other way to explain it. I think Dipti got some good shots, but we’ll see. Her stuff may, according to her, make its way online through the Columbus Dispatch. I’ll keep my eye out for it.

Tonight was a low energy evening, but I’m really happy to have gotten to see Dipti. I’m particularly glad I got to see her work… talking with subjects, getting them comfortable, getting them to strut, catching them somewhat off-guard. For someone like me, who dabbles and takes a picture here and there while walking to work… it was great to see a professional at work. She kept in the same area, focused on the same subjects, and just kept taking and taking pictures. I guess the more images you have, the pickier you can be at the end of the night.

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