New York, Ho!

A busy day at work, with a lot of preparation for a few days without any of us in the office. During lunch, I went off to buy a map of Manhattan, and then promptly left it on my desk, along with almost all the important contact info/phone numbers for the trip.

Justin had some really bad news arrive, right as we were about to go. He left during the day and it wasn’t really clear whether he’d go on the trip or not, after all. By the time the afternoon rolled around, he decided he’d go and me, Justin and Ben made our way to O’Hare.

This was already on my camera before we left. I took this a few days prior to our departure. I had never really seen this moveable pier before, and I found it rather fascinating that something so large could float, let alone be shoved across the river.

At the airport bar. Justin and I had a good, serious, long talk over some food before boarding the plane. We also threw down a beer rather quickly during our meal. This is us at the bar, ordering a shot of Jack Daniels.

I had actually approached the bar with my beer and the bartender said "I can’t serve you anything else until you finish that." I guess it was some sort of airport rule, but it sounded suspiciously like hazing to me. Needless to say, I threw it down. After I chugged the rest of my beer, I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t appluase or congratulations from the bartender who wanted me to chug in the first place.

Nothing says class like little tiny bottles of Jack Daniels!

Getting some practice being all sophisti-ma-cated for that there big ‘ol darn New York city, I tell you what.

We arrive around 10 PM or so, EST. Justin and I make our way to the bus station and take a shuttle to Port Authority. We then catch a cab to Lloyd’s, which is in Brooklyn (I forget where, specifically).

Lloyd’s! We drop our bags, take off our shoes, and settle in. We meet Polly (Introductions, handshakes), and find out that Lloyd’s giving us his apartment and he’s going to crash at her place. Justin and I have known Lloyd since undergrad, and I’m not sure if Justin’s known him longer than that even.

For me, it’s been a good seven or eight years since I’ve seen him. I ended up going to get an MFA in poetry after college, and Lloyd got an MFA in playwriting shortly thereafter. We all had an awful, awful lot of catching up to do.

We spent the next hour or two sitting here, sipping on coca-cola, eating some chips, and just talking. Like I said – a lot of catching up.

Lloyd and Polly leave, and Justin and I get ready to crash. It’s about 12:30 AM, and as we’re unpacking… we both notice Lloyd has a Playstation 2.

Hmm. We also notice a copy of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City.


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