Spending The Day

Around 1PM, I wake to hear Lloyd working on his computer. I roll over and see a few cups of coffee that he’s bought us from a nearby shop. I swear to you… this coffee was heavenly: partly because we were tired, but partly because it had this great hint of hazelnut/sweetness to it. I’m not big on flavored coffees, but this one had just enough, to the point where I still remember it, a week or two after the fact.

I really loved the taste of it, and it was a wonderful thing to sip on, as I was slowly waking up to the day.

Lloyd, posing outside his apartment. This is right before we took off for breakfast at a nearby diner. Over some eggs and toast, we chatted about a wide range of shit – we talked a lot about our undergraduate years, and what we were doing with our lives here and now.

The thing I loved most – we kept debating words and meaning and definitions all weekend. Over breakfast, we talked about logic and philosophy, about postmodernism and what it entailed.

"What the hell is irony?" Lloyd asked, and we debated this for a long while as the waiter glared at us. All of us felt like we had a decent grasp of Calculus, since we all, after talking, found out we studied it. But none of us could really descrivbe what, specifically, Calculus was, or what it did.

We talked a lot about telelvision, and how anymore, all reality TV was a manifestation of the "Theater of Cruelty." This was Lloyd’s term and, though I’m not sure what that means, but I think I understand it.

Lloyd stated that reality TV isn’t about winning… it’s about the process of losing.

After breakfast, we bought some champagne, a six of beer, and hung out in Lloyd’s apartment some more. Keep in mind, though, that our breakfast was had around 3:00 PM.

Honestly, we spent most of the day here… just sitting around, drinking slowly, and just catching up. We talked about all our friends, talked about what we were up to, and it was one of the most relaxing times I can remember in the past few months.

Oddly, one of the things we talked about was geekiness, and whether or not we qualified as active members. During a lull in the conversation, I hopped onto the computer and checked TwelveStone. Next thing I know, I find a thread about geekiness and Justin and I watch Lloyd take the Geek Test.

He cheated. :|

I spent my time lounging on Lloyd’s futon. From where I sat, this is what I saw most of the day. :)

One thing Lloyd shared with us while we were there was this song by Liam Lynch, called United States of Whatever. Lol. We only heard the audio in NY, but I happened to find the video after I got back.

For dinner, we went to some place called the Vine? The Green Vine? I dunno. Anyhow – we decided to sit outside, despite the fact that it was raining fairly hard (albeit sporadically). Here’s me trying to give Lloyd directions on how to focus the camera.

My friend Juliet likes to tease me about how I make this hand gesture (the "pinchy pinchy") when I’m trying to elaborate on a particular topic.

Lloyd, looking cool and dapper.

At one point during dinner, he leaned over and said "Hey, look at her. She looks mysterious, doesnt’ she?" And Justin and I looked in at a woman inside, sitting at a table alone, apparently waiting for someone to join her.

The whole night, Lloyd kept commenting on the people he saw, and kept asking us questions about the snippets of conversation he happened to overhear. Lloyd is a very observant man, a strong quality… especially for a playwright.

A shot of Justin (left) and me, with rainy New York behind us.

The entire conversation at dinner (and even during the day, earlier) was all about girls. About how much we were confused by them, about how much we loved them, about how boys and girls shape each other’s lives. The whole day was, pretty much, spent talking and debating and contemplating and comparing the opposite sex.

We got a bottle of wine to go with dinner and, truth be told, we all got a bit sloppy.

Ahhhh…. late in to the night. Mooney’s pub. From L to R, Lloyd, Polly and Justin.

lol. I like this one because everyone is sorta doing their own thing!

Lloyd and Justin, smoking and contemplating what Polly’s laying down.

Live Jazz. Somewhere nearby. I was pretty drunk at this point.

I left Lloyd and Justin shortly after this shot. They were talking politics (and I love the fact that there’s a tiny flag above Justin’s head), and I decided to go back to our table. Surprise, surprise… I ended up passing out for 20 minutes, towards the end of the evening. Overall, I had no real desire to join in on the heated political debate that Lloyd and Justin and Polly were having, so I sort of just withdrew.

Tonight, we had some interesting arguments about what the differences were between a nerd, a geek, and a dork. After many Manhattans, we figured out that a geek is into one thing, at the expense of all else. We also agreed that a geek was someone who could possible be revered, or looked up to. A nerd, on the other hand, was someone who was just labelled as socially awkward. Lowest of the low, a dork was someone who garnered no respect whatsoever, and thus earned the disdain from all social strata.

At one point, as we were throwing money into the jukebox, Justin and I picked Fairytale of New York. Later on in the evening, when the song came on… Lloyd announced that he had (also) picked this song for us. I thought this was a rather quirky thing for us to both pick, so I thought it warra
nted mention.

It’s been a long time since I’ve argued grammar and definitions and played with word meanings. I had a great time hanging with Lloyd and Polly, just sitting around and talking. While the day was overcast and rainy, the view of New York from Lloyd’s window made me think of distant friends, who are far away but always there in the background. You know what I mean – the folks who are always interested to hear what you have to say, what you’re up to, no matter how much time has passed.

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