Airports and Arrivals

I met up with my uncle and cousin this evening; I was surprised to find out they were in town, and we met up for dinner. They’re staying quite a ways away from downtown Chiago (a good 10 minutes from Midway, in another county even). They had already hiked into the city and, since they were going to be returning tomorrow… they asked me to go out to them. I hopped on a train and waited by the "Arrivals" at Midway Airport.

Apparently, my message didn’t register on their voice mail until an hour after I left it. So… I spent a good deal of time just standing outside, people watching.

Two things I noticed: first, the "Arrivals" area of any airport seems like a good place to be. If I ever get really, really down… I may just have to go hang out there and get cheered up. Happiness everyone. People are constantly looking and, when they who they’re looking for… they light up. Of course, this little phenomenon holds true even outside of airports. :)

Second: I thought of the 1940’s and 1950’s (and hell, I did this in the 1980’s) and how kids, with little better to do, would just hit a particular stretch of road, a "strip", and drive up and down for hours. No real point, no real destination. Just drive slowly and look at everyone walking or sitting on top of their parked cars. See, and be seen. I was struck by how similar the actions were, and I got pretty excited by the parallels I made. In fact, I almost started talking to some strangers to tell them my comparison, I was so excited.

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