Unfortunately, Kent’s friend wasn’t able to make it. On top of that, a lot of folks were out of town, travelling, so it was a rather small and intimate group. There wasn’t a bachelor party ever in the works, but Saturday night was more of a spontaneous get-together.

Dave, Kent and I hung around the apartment for a bit. We shot the shit, made some drinks, and hit such diverse topics as Eskimos, drunk driving, the Ice Age and parking tickets. Rob showed up (the last big event I was at with Rob was his gallery closing many, many moons back) with some bottle rockets, and a big smile on his face.

Nothing beats Grand Theft Auto for a good warm-up to the evening (we played this for a good long while).

Alright. Bottle-rockets beat GTA. But only barely.

Rip Tide Lounge, corner of Hermitage and Armitage.

Side note: During the last Twelvestone Boozification, I think we were refused access because of the robot suit.

Kent, slanty.

Rob and Kent, discussing art and the act of creation.

This is the remote control for a rather terrible, yet strangely compelling game at Rip Tide.

The "board" is on the main window, facing the rest of the bar. Think old school Coleco hand-held games, and then imagine the game developer on morphine. It’s a glorified skeet shooting game, but the lag time is somewhere like 2 full seconds before your "guy" on the screen shoots.

It was the game that sucked. I was completely, utterly sober. The game’s fault. Always the game.

This seemed like a good idea at 2 AM. :|

After Rip Tide, we headed back to Kent’s and parted ways with Dave. The three of us (me, Rob and Kent) grabbed a bottle of wine, some cigars that Kent had purchased, and headed for the nearby (abandoned) traintracks.

Some of you may recognize the above shot from when I explored around here, some months back. Hmn. I think I may have done my exploring right before I started this blog. At any rate, shortly after I got my camera, I found my way up onto these tracks, and walked around.

Tonight, Rob, Kent and I took our time, strolling along and examining our neighborhood from on high. No one else on the street saw us, and we felt invisible – invisible in a powerful sort of way.

This seemed interesting to me at the time. I was also very, very drunk at the time.

Right now, I’m not that drunk, and this doesn’t seem very interesting. :|

Rob and Kent pose. Bottle in one hand, cigars in the pocket.

This was a bit farther than I had been before. At one point as we were walking around, a guy stuck his head out of the window to tell us that "There are people trying to sleep right now." He was rather polite, and we all apologized and moved on.

I wonder how often he has to deal with drunk people, stumbling along the tracks at 4 AM?

I made moves to bail out around quarter to 5, citing fatigue and hunger. I think that Kent wanted to explore some more, but we all ended up climbing down and finding ourselves somewhere on Damen. A few excruciating blocks later, we arrived at Hollywood Grill, along with all the other drunken bastages in the neighborhood.

Ah, Hollywood Grill. I loves ya!

This is close to when we left. I think I was doing the chicken-neck thing prior to this photo.

North and Wood. My apartment is a brief stagger away.

The birds are, at this hour, surprisingly loud and surprisingly persistent.

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