Sleep Deprivation, Jim Beam, Rain And A $1,000 Chair

We got out of the office around 2:30 PM. Ben and I decided to have our victory beer at a bar across the street. I had always heard of the Shamrock, and this was my first time in the place.

Outside, actually. Ben and I grabbed a drink and settled down outside where it was, surprisingly, fantastic. Not hot, a good, cool breeze hitting us at a rather nice clip.

Ben, settling into his beer. Keep in mind now, we haven’t had any lunch.

A lot of our conversation revolved around camping, and the like. Ben recounted a particular camp he went to as a kid where, each year, you became more and more independent. Early on, you stayed in a cabin and didnt’ do all that much on your own. Each subsequent year, however, kids began to cook their own food, wash their own dishes, moved from cabins to tents, and so forth. It sounded like an excellent way to learn more about the outdoors, and to learn more about becoming independent.

This would be my monster of a drink. This is a double of Beam. Amazing.

I love this place. With this one drink, they’ve won me as a patron. Lookit the size of that thing!

While Ben went to get another beer, I happened to see this guy unloading a chair from his car. I stared a bit and, after catching his eye, asked him about it. I wasn’t sure if he had just purchased a new chair, or if he was delivering it or what.

Turns out, he was returning the chair to the Merchandise Mart, where it was to be put back on display. According to him, he often brought a chair with him, whenever he was making rounds to show others (presumably when he was out selling them).

When I asked him how much it was, he said the chair was about $1,000. Whew! (Apparently, chairs can get as expensive as $2,500).

He was a nice guy and, when I asked to take his picture… he balked at bit, initially. After I explained my strange compulsion for documentation and exhibitionism, he seemed to be less concerned. I gave him the URL to this blog, but I never got his name.


My ass in a $1,000 chair.

Shortly after this shot, it started to get cloudier and nastier outside. We joked about just sitting at our table in the rain and, as we kept talking and as the raindrops kept falling… we actually did just that. There was a solid 5-10 minutes where we were just sitting, getting drenched, and continuing our conversation.

It was one of those "I don’t care what happens, I’m having fun" moments. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve felt that sensation. What a great reminder that was, and what a fun time it was, post-work.

Deep down, I sometimes think these after-the-all-nighter sessions are why I sometimes look forward to pulling late hours.


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