Ben’s Birthday!

My coworker and friend Ben celebrated his birthday today. Actually, we’re all supposed to keep that fact quiet. He and Laura are saying that the birthday day is actually tomorrow, since Ben’s will be taking the day off. That way, his son can celebrate the whole day with them. :)

But we all knew at work, and today was, I gotta say… really fun. Point in case, unexpected Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. BIG CUPS!

And then, just as unexpectedly… another case was delivered. Regular sized this time. There’s a promotion going on now at the station, but hey… free Reese’s. Who’s gonna complain?

I don’t know what was scaried. The fact that I took multiple pictures of candy. Or the fact that Ben made it a point to set up the boxes and take a bite out of each Reese’s cup. For comparison purposes.

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