What is it about talking to my parents that just immediately puts me in a bad, depressing mood?

I found out from my mom that my parents’ restaurant is closing. Now, the financial wheelings and dealings of my parents have always mystified me, and they’ve never really pulled me or my sister into the inner workings of things. From what I understand, they’re going to rename, remodel and reopen.

Still a bit of a shock.

In the twenty-some years that I’ve seen them operate restaurants, I can’t rightly say whether they’ve made any money, or whether they’re terribly in debt. From the sounds of it, this newer venture is positive, and a step forward. This was just an unexpected thing to hear. It’s hard to tell if they’re in trouble, or if they’re moving on to a better situation. Deep down, I think that if they were in trouble, they wouldn’t say anything until the absolute last minute.

Point in case, letting me know today that they’re going to close the restaurant by the week’s end.

And in the same phone conversation, my mom tells me I need to exercise more because she thinks I’ve gained a lot of weight. I know she means well, and I know she says things out of love and concern, but the words come out tinted with accusation and hinting of failure.

Alright. I took a good 10 minute break there. I think I need to stop writing or, at the very least, stop doing this sort of diary/journal writing. Things are going too negative, too quickly.

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