Deb’s Birthday

To celebrate my boss’ (Deb’s) birthday, Rey took the whole Interactive group out for lunch. We went to Bob Chinn’s which, incidentally, is about a rock’s throw away from the Mart.

The name, I must admit, threw me. Everytime I heard "Bob Chinn’s," I thought it was a Chinese restaurant. Inside, the only Asian person I could see was me. :|

Here’s my meal. Alaskan King Crab Legs, and a side of mashed potatoes. I had never really eaten crab legs before, so this was a new dining experience. Rey helped guide me through a lot of how to use certain utensils, so that helped.

Oh man, was that a good meal. I don’t think I’d be able to afford to go back there anytime soon, so I’m incredibly happy I got treated to a fantastic lunch. The garlic bread there alone is worth it.

Here’s one disconcerting thing: Deb mentioned my/this blog. She said something about all the "Sales people" talking about it. Deb, in addition to overseeing the financial well-being of our Interactive Group, also oversees a lot of Sales folks at all of our stations, across the country.

More and more of my coworkers (and even coworkers that I don’t know all that well) seem to be flipping through these pages. I guess that’s what this thing is here for. But for some reason, knowing coworkers also have access to this is a little troubling in the same way that my family knowing is troubling.

Nothing to be done, I guess. The main thing that I want is to convey my work day to the rest of you. Like everyone else on the planet, I spend the bulk of my days working. Sharing that side of things on this blog makes sense. Having coworkers able to peer into my personal life… that’s a reversal I didn’t fully think out.

Here’s all of us, heading back to the office. I’ve been a bit more conscious about who shows up on this thing, and in what context. So I decided on a picture of everyone, without showing their faces.

Everytime we walk somewhere as a group, I can’t help but wonder what other people must think of us. Everyone in our Interactive group has such singular, unique personalities… and it’s weird and wonderful that we all work together, both of those things all at once. When I see us as a cluster, walking from place to place, I can’t help but think: how odd, how interesting, how neat.

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