On arriving at the Clark/Lake stop, I stepped onto the street to see this.

Nothing spectacular, but for as long as I’ve been getting off at this stop, there’s been construction. It’s a bit odd to see this street without all the planks and scaffolding. If nothing else, it was neat to pause and really look around. Too often, I’ve got my head tucked down and I walk straight to work.


This is a crap picture. But as I was looking around, I noticed a spider had spun a web between two of the light fixtures.


At work, some of the Sales folks gave Ben some sort of new drink. There’s always promotional stuff floating around the office – hats, stickers, CD’s. Ben went around and spread the love a bit – I got two of these suckers.

For someone that was trying not to drink as much anymore, I’m finding myself surrounded by ample opportunities. This "Sparks" thing is some sort of new variant: a bit like Red Bull, but with alcohol. 6% alcohol, to be exact.

I was tempted to try one, but I left them at the office.


After work, Ben and I wandered over to where a friend of his works. Gah – I’ve already forgotten his friend’s name, as well as the name of his company. Cool place though. We were there to talk (informally) about a possible freelance gig, and the interior was really fabulous. There were big pieces of old pianos strung up as artwork around the place, there was a soundroom where some guy was laying down some drum tracks, and a few folks were doing video production work.

This chair is on the third floor, near the main door. I sorta wish I still smoked, so I could sit in this thing.


Aftewards, Ben and I stopped in at Piece for some pizza. I sampled their "Worryin’ Ale" and have found that I really like their beer. There’s a lot more on their list ("Dolemite" and "Dysfunctionale" to name but two), and I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without trying them out.

We had a white pizza with basil and pepperoni. Mmmmmm. No one else was really around, so it felt nice to be in this big place and have it relatively quiet.


On our way out, I saw this odd series of notes taped on a door on North Avenue. No idea what it meant, but it seemed odd to have these letters simply taped to the outside where anyone could have grabbed them.

I was having a hard time trying to determine if what was inside the envelopes was personal and specific to each tenant, or simply a generic announcement.


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