Goodbye Rena

We may have met at one of Justin’s birthday parties a year or so ago, but I first recall talking to Rena at Kent and Christine’s wedding. At the actual ceremony, we both noticed we had the exact same camera, which was pretty neat. I got to hang out with her a bit, when a bunch of us played Grand Theft Auto. But the next time we met, it was her farewell party.

Rena, showing off the celebratory fireworks she received as a going-away gift from Rob and Gretchen.


Dave and Kent help get things fired up.


Great shot of Rob and Gretchen, watching their fireworks getting set off. Thanks to Rob, I’m going to start to have this association between Kent’s lawn and bottle rockets.


I like this shot a lot. :)


Rena lights off the last two.


I snapped a quick photo of the kitchen. There were a ton of candles everywhere, and the kitchen was dark and comfortable and inviting.


The troops gather. For some reason, there was mention of hitting the train tracks. Next thing you know, everyone’s waiting onthe yard, we have a big bottle of wine, and Kent has a stepladder.


Alley-oop! Dave missed out on this last time, when Kent, Rob and I explored the tracks together. So I’m happy I got a shot of him, climbing up.


Rena gets a boost from Stu.


An old Air-Jordan shoe, in remarkably good condition. In retrospect, I’m not even sure why I took this picture. Boy, if I had a nickel for every time…


Up on the tracks. Despite the heavy foliage, there was a bit of a path, and it seemed to be well-worn.


Everyone stopped somewhere between Damen and Milwaukee, but a few of us (me, Kent, Dave and Stu) wanted to explore a bit further. We found ourselves near Milwaukee, and fairly close to the El. We bandied around a bit, but headed back as Rena was feeling pretty tired.

At this point, Stu decides he’s going to take off, and departs on his own. He hops a fence, zig-zags down the side, and heads off down Milwaukee.


Stop this crazy thing, I want off!

This is near Damen, where the tracks near a yard, and some stairs ease our passage to street level. It’s a hell of a lot easier getting down than it is getting up.

I end up saying goodbye to everyone, as I’m pretty hungry at this point. Kent decides to go with me, and we head over to Bar Louie for a late snack. Nothing tastes quite as good as cheeseburgers at 2 in the morning.

About an hour later, Kent and I shake hands at Wabansia and Wolcott and call it a night.


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