The Drive To Terre Haute

Took forever. I swear, for about a third of the time, I was driving in one lane. I rolled into the hotel around 9:00 PM, and promptly plopped down on my bed. The hotel itself (Holiday Inn) was actually really nice – much nicer than I had imagined. My room was huge (couch AND a recliner), and needless to say I promptly tried out the free HBO. I got sucked into Harry Potter for about 30 minutes, and then decided I’d head to the bar.

Wow, was that a mistake.

The bar was sparsely populdated, and with the dark, red lighting… felt like a strip club. I stepped up the bar, ordered a Bass, and promptly asked if I could take it with me outside. There was a band setting up, and the whole place was a dimly lit sausage factory.

I took my $5 beer into the "Recreation" area, and decided I wanted to shoot some pool I had gotten $2 in quarters at the bar, and went up to the front desk to ask about getting a pool cue. At this point, it’s closing on 10:00 PM, and the lady informs me that they’re going to be closing the area down soon.

I should have taken a picture of the pool table, but I was just too bummed out.

So… I sat for a while in a nearby waiting area, looking over some work e-mails and a few notes. Before long, I hear Deb and Jill talking and I find them at a hotel phone, trying to call my room. They had gotten my message about being at the bar, and popped in to look for me. After going inside, I think Deb’s exact words were "There’s no way Felix is in there." Hehehe.

We hung out for a while, got caught up on each other’s day, and decided to call it a night when the hotel staff starting shutting down the lights.

In my room, I ended up watching Comedy Central for much longer than was good for me, and had problems getting to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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