When I got home, I jumped onto the couch, turned on the cable TV, and flipped around. Luckily, I stumbeld across this great friggin’ documentary on Archimedes, and got captivated. I then ended up napping off an on, for another hour, before I made my way to the restaurant, to meet up with my family.

The signage to the new restaurant. Shen Yang refers to a northern province of China. This new restaurant focuses on a slightly different cuisine than Yummy’s. Where the older restaurant focused on seafood, Shen Yang focuses on spicy dishes, noodles, and a more Northern flavor (and I’m only slowly learning what that means).

The Dim Sum is still Hong Kong style.

Inside, the first thing you notice (and one of the newest additions) is a small pool. Water is considered lucky by the Chinese, and I’m sure there’s something specific to the way this fountain is positioned (and how the water flows). Sorry, I didn’t ask about the Feng Shui (technically, pronounced fuung soo-ay, which means wind/water).

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