At Play At Work

First, the bait. I stopped in at Artisan (where Ben, Justin and I all go to get our coffee fix most mornings). I picked up a delicious box of 16 chocolate truffles (each one is different), so as to sway people to sign my uh… "petition."

The actual makers of the truffles are CocoRouge.

And here is my petition. It’s a two-parter, really. This is what I showed everyone, telling them my petition is for more "ponies and butterflies and hugs" in the world. Several people were somewhat suspicious of my motives. Paranoid bastages, the lot of ’em. :)

Here’s the top half of the petition.

Here’s what they were actually signing.

It’s amazing how few people will actually read the fine print.

Matt as the King, me as the Prince.

The inestimable Ryan Manno, dressed as Roy.

Me and Darth Vader… just talking shop.

Doin’ it Elvis style! Yeah!

For anyone with questions about the name tag:

Please allow me to introduce myself. Iím a man of wealth and taste. Iíve been around for a long, long year, stole many a manís soul and faith.

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