Lunch at Monk’s

Jon (schubee) and Melissa were in town today, and a bunch of us Internet folks gathered together for a meal. Everyone met up outside of Monk’s for lunch, and we spent a pleasant (albeit crowded and noisy) hour plus there. In attendance: me, Justin, Ben, Jeff (persist), Matt (Tha.Riddla), schubee and Melissa (mrs. schubee).

Lunch was a bit too short, and I really wish we had more than an hour or so together. It’s weird meeting in person again, despite the fact that I’ve met these folks before. At the very end of lunch, I started to feel like everyone was just starting to get comfortable… and then we all had to disperse.

It’s good to see the faces when all I’m used to seeing are the names. I really wish we would have had the rest of the day – the whole feel of things would have, I’m convinced, been much different. Today was the first time my online friends have crossed path with my (I was about to say Real friends) uh… friends I’ve met offline. At certain moments, we would talk about other board members, and I’m not sure what Justin and Ben thought of everything. I’ll have to ask them about their experiences, looking in from the outside.

I forgot to take a picture, but schubee snapped a group shot. I’ll try to get a copy and post it here at some future point.

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