The Next Morning

Amazing, I was up by about 8:30 AM. Go figure. I felt great, and talked a while on the porch with folks who were also planning an early exit. Dan, trying to tame his hangover, swigged some beer. I was pretty impressed. When asked if he was drinking again, he lifted the Jim Beam to his lips, hit it once, and described it as "Just a little ‘hello.’"

I went inside, gathered my stuff and snapped a few pictures on the way.


Seeing THIS cracked me up.

As did this. Someone really wanted some Cool Whip, satisfied that urge, and it was never touched again.

That, or someone tried to carve a smiley face into it.


This is the flower Dan was looking for.

This is the house across the street (the view is from the front porch).

Oops. I left, but forgot my wallet and keys in Jim’s office. After coming back, I stopped to snap a photo of their back yard.

And another pic of Mr. Bow-Tie Pumpkin Man.

View of the campus, from the driveway.

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