I’ve been working on setting up a customized page for one of our stations in LA. Basic request – they wanted to get rid of the right modules (the right column), and extend the area that holds the center receptacles. I’ve been working on trying to tweak things for over an hour, and all I’ve gotten so far is frustrated. This feels like basic shit I should have command of, but it seems like I’m breaking things at every turn.

Part of me is waiting for this moment where things just click in my head, and it all makes sense. Another part of me wonders why I’m still at a point where I’m waiting for things to click in my head.

Perhaps tonight’s just me getting into a dark mood. It’s odd: when I work with Flash/ActionScript and I’m unable to get something to work… it feels challenging, envigorating. I don’t obsess over the problem; the process of discovering the solution becomes exciting.

Maybe I’m just too impatient. I know I’ve been reliant on WYSIWYG’s for a good part of my career, and have only recently started to force myself to hand code. It’s probably ridiculous to expect that I’d be able to just start hand-coding right off the bat.

But still. That’s what I’m expecting of myself. And that’s probaby why I feel as frustrated as I do.

I don’t want this entry to cloud over the weekend. I’ve had a good couple of days. It’s just that in the past few hours, I’m feeling fairly useless is all.

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