Folding Faster Than Superman On Laundry Day

So statistically, I’ve had one beer in two plus weeks. For a while there, I wondered how long I could go without actually having a drink. That question was answered immediately when I showed up at Justin’s. Within 10 minutes of arriving, I was sipping on a small tea cup full of Johnny Walker Red. My soul is weak.

Mmmmmmm. Dinner. That’s halibut on its way inside the stove, and a wide variety of veggies steaming.

Nothing says class like a salad accompanied by scotch.

This is Justin’s minidisc, along with a few random discs. Both he and Dave have a minidisc recorder, and after talking with them… I’d like one of my own. I’m used to taking pictures of things, tracking memory through visual references. The idea of trying to record/save the audible seems like a really intriguing idea.

These are some gifts from Justin’s mom who, in my estimation is the Coolest Mom Ever. This picture is of a few Gorey Gourds she made, based on the work of Edward Gorey.

Dave‘s records, spinning and being recorded. He brought all these vinyls over because his minidisc wasn’t recording properly, and he wanted to get everything digital.

Dave, sporting the clean shaven look.

From what we could tell, the bulk of these vinyls were recorded specifically to be submitted to percussion contest. Others were just recordings made as practice.

Justin’s bookshelf. The doll is something that Stu dreamed up, and gave as a gift to Justin. Notice the Hindi/English dictionary.

A lot of magic happens here. Justin’s been talking about organizing a lot of his materials, and starting up his own sort of blog. Seriously – I can’t fucking wait for you to see some more of Justin’s work (and all his outstanding content). He’s got so much kick-ass stuff (images, audio) your jaw is gonna drop.

Here’s what’s cooking.

Justin and Emma, getting this party started right.

Almost ready to eat. Justin and Emma settle down to their meals.

Emma, resting and sipping Bass after dinner.

Small necklace, hanging in Justin’s bathroom. Saint Jude, patron saint of hospital workers and lost causes.

Having fun with Justin’s labelmaker.

Dave and Justin kicked around the idea of holding a party where everyone brought some tidbit of their past to share. Doesn’t matter what it is: photograph, audio recording, writing. The more we talked about it, the more fun it sounded. Justin broke out a suitcase full of his old poems from high school, and we took turns reading. Hilarious! I’ve got my own collection of things to share (think high school, think green notebook full of poems, think orange “Speak the word” Queensrÿche bumper sticker on the cover). This party’s gonna rock.

What you see here is Justin looking over a 6 page document he wrote, the first time he dropped acid.

Afterwards, we watched a few episodes of Family Guy, and laughed our asses off. Dave hadn’t seen them before, and this show is almost more fun to watch with other people.

Great night. :)

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