As I left Mary, Elizabeth and Elaina… I walked by the funeral home on Wood and Cortland. On the balcony, I noticed this huge, almost surreal Easter Bunny – the kind that’s inflated by a generator and lit from the inside.

I stopped to take a picture of it, got out my camera, and just as I did so… the owner turned off the air pump. The whole thing sort of bowed down, and in its darkened state was a little disturbing.

Looking out his window, the owner saw me and came out to the balcony. I yelled to him, and said that I was trying to take a picture. After a few exchanges, he offered to start the thing back up again for me, and I immediately switched the camera to video.

Even though it’s a rather cheery thing (fully inflated), the process sort of freaked me out. It almost looked like the thing would, once fully inflated, start rampaging around the neighborhood demanding to be worshipped.

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