Signs of Spring

I was making my way to Danny’s, and as I was walking up Wood I came across the neighborhood Ice Cream Truck. Keep in mind now, this was around 7:50 PM.

Believe it or not, I was actually happy to hear its playful jingle and got to see the thing up close and personal.

I’ve lived in this area for a few years now. And one thing I’ve come to detest is the sound of this ice cream truck, at all hours of the night. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not some curmudgeon who has somehow forgotten his childhood. Far from it. I’ve simply heard the thing, blasting its music one too many times.

Mostly, it’s late at night. I’m talking 10 PM on that I’ll hear this thing slowly making its way down the street, trying to… I don’t know what. Entice kids that are up past their bedtime? I have no idea why the ice cream trucks in this neighborhood operate beyond dusk. In my mind, every truck is some kind of drug front, and sells heroin on the sly.

But tonight, I had no such thoughts. Walking around in my overly warm winter coat, I was happy to see the truck. Delighted, even. To me, the ice cream truck signalled the end of winter and heralded the oncoming Spring. If nothing more, I projected warmth and sunshine onto the vehicle and it made me think that I could tear the plastic from my windows any day now.

While I was taking pictures, a few girls were actually getting ice cream (killing my whole heroin theory). They were kind enough to allow me to take their picture, and I found out they had literally just moved in today. Left to right, it’s Mary, Elizabeth and Elaina.

I thanked them for letting me take their picture, and welcomed them to the neighborhood. Running into them, the truck, and taking pictures… it took what started off as a crappy day and turned it into a pleasant evening. This encounter made me realize how good it is to unplug and get away from the computer.

I hope the three of them are enjoying their new apartment. I hope they like the neighborhood. And I hope the Ice Cream Truck doesn’t end up driving them batty this summer.

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