Chelsea called me up

Chelsea called me up yesterday, and said she was going to hang around downtown after work today (Friday). She asked about dinner, and we decided on Sushi Wabi, which is close to both of our workplaces.

We had both seen a review of the place on Check, Please, a show that, when I do happen to be in the mood to watch it, is damn good show. The place wasn’t too bad when we showed up (around 6:00 PM), but was pretty bustling by the time we left. Overall, it’s a very tiny space, but once you get your food you don’t really care all that much. Tables look like they’d be a bit roomier (we were crammed up by the bar as we didn’t have reservations).

Nerd that I am, I broke out the notebook so we could write down choices and be more organized about ordering.

Behold the “Caterpillar.” One of the signatures of Sushi Wabi, if memory serves. There are a few other rools like this (the “Dragon” is the only name that jumps to mind right now), so a return trip is definitely in order. Price wise, this place is higher end in my book. I doubt I’ll be able to come here with any regularity, but I know where I’m heading if I’m in the mood to splurge. :)

View outside, looking up at the moon and the Sears Tower.

I had never really explored Randolph before, and it seemed a very pleasant (albeit pricey) area. Chelsea was sticking around downtown because she’s attending the Women Writers Conference this weekend, an event sponsored by the Guild Complex. Tonight they were sponsoring a reading, and after some waffling… I decided I’d take her up on the invite to attend with her.

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