Steps leading up to the 1/Quarterly space. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking prior to this.

The Version>04: invisibleNetworks convergence is an opportunity for creating connections between programmers, artists, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, activists, tactical media provocateurs, designers, architects, critical thinkers and culture workers of all kinds. The Version>04: invisibleNetworks convergence brings diverse groups together to share, communicate and organize while also asking participants to discuss these processes. Creating a tangible network of associations between participants, Version>04: invisibleNetworks fosters conversations, creative resistance and cultural action.

At each gallery, I made it a point to ask permission to take pictures. Here, I tracked down one of the gallery owners, and got his OK to snap photographs. When I asked to take his picture, he shook his head. “Take theirs” he said, and pointed over to the two women above.

Left to right, it’s Mariah and Deanna. Deanna is, I believe, another of the owners of the space? I wasn’t entirely sure.

I had a hard time convincing Mariah to let me take her picture, and had to explain what I was planning to do with the images. When I asked for her name, she hesitated for a bit, and then relented. “Fine,” she said, “but I’m not giving you my phone number.”

I kept stressing that my intentions were benign.

My friends are pretty used to me taking pictures of everything. But every once in a while, I forget how unnerving it must be to have a complete stranger ask for your picture, and to use it on the Internet.

They Rule
– Josh On

2004 Whitney Biennial participant Josh On presents They Rule, an interactive site that allows users to create maps documenting power relationships and corporate ties between 100 top U.S. companies.

Working Together to Serve You Better – Matthew Steinke

Working Together to Serve You Better involves plastic, electronics, motors, trash, dirt, food, and ants. The ants, contained in clear plastic vessels and tubes interact with electromechanical and sound devices fabricated from plastic trash.

WTJ – Richard Dedomenici (The Third Coming)

If two of the largest manmade structures ever constructed can be destroyed in a matter of hours, then what does that say about the other supposed constants in our lives? Richard Dedomenici’s sculpture ‘WTJ’ is a scale model of the World Trade Centre assembled from 198 wooden Jenga blocks, individually hand coloured with a marker pen.

Note: At first, I wasn’t taken by this piece at all. Only when someone (the woman above) decided to try to pull out a block did this become more interesting for me. The act of building (and of potentially destroying the structure), coupled with the artist/viewer relationship started to get my gears spinning a bit more. I’m not sure if viewer participation was meant or not, but in my mind that’s the only way this works.

A quick shot of Eric, since I hadn’t yet taken his picture. Flash folk! Freelancers and employers! Eric’s looking for work in the Chicagoland area. If anyone knows of anything, please drop him a line.

You are/ I amYou are beautiful

Each person responds separately to these two statements. As the responses are collected, the line of distinction between You Are and I am blurs.

You Are BeautifulYou Are Beautiful

This project uses the tools of advertising and street art to spread a positive message. The attempt with You Are Beautiful is to create activism instead of consumerism.

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